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About Us

Our Story

Bella Craze' is a fashion brand that includes styling, clothing, and accessories. We offer styles for the woman who desires to expand her fashion horizons, take chances, and let her true self shine through. Our innovative designs are created for modern women everywhere who appreciate beauty and quality. We make outfits that are comfortable and stylish for any occasion or season.

Bella Craze' is the epitome of a woman's elegance and glow. Our brand celebrates all women, encourages self-expression, and inspires everyone to feel like the most beautiful person they can be! We love making women feel beautiful, and we do it by creating versatile, high-quality, and exclusive pieces.


Meet The Designer

Bella Craze' is a brand by Miriam Cooper, a stylist and fashion designer. With her faith in tact, she named her brand with the glory of God in mind. Bella, which stems from "devoted to God" and Craze, defines fashion. As a designer, visualist, and traveler of the world, she has had some of her best design ideas from her traveling experiences across the globe.

Bring A Taste Of Bella Craze' To Your Wardrobe

With designs to choose from for any woman and a variety of colors, sizes & widths, we are here to exceed your exceptions. Whether it's a custom garment or a unique accessory, Bella Craze' makes the customer experience process easy. Giorgio Armani said it best, "To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the small detail." Bella Craze' is not just a brand but an experience. Our brand was established, to deliver a simple sophistication and gracefulness into the fashion world. We hold ourselves accountable for providing exceptional customer service with our one-of-a-kind culture and our commitment to give every woman the 'experience' she deserves.

Our Look Book

Join us as we showcase the wonders of Bella Craze' this year. You can check out some of the many different styles from the new Nude collection to help you get creative and look good doing it. 

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